established in 2015

Georgetown Metal Works fabricates and finishes interior and exterior metal designs for both residential and commercial projects; elements that range from small pieces of hardware to metal clad walls. Georgetown Metal Works can also finalize and execute designs brought to the studio by professionals as well as end-use clients. We collaborate with architects, designers and contractors in creating consistently superior quality architectural elements and finishes.


Georgetown Metal Works, founded in May 2015 by Thomas Hartshorn, is a small group of professional fabricators with over twenty five years of combined experience in fabrication, and seven plus years in finishing. Our reputation is based upon our ability to serve a wide variety customers.    


·         Collaborated with wide variety of architects including:  Olson-Kundig Architects, McClellan Architects, NBBJ, Josh Architects

·         Collaborated with Schultz-Miller, and SchuchartDow Contractors

·         Work with hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, brass and bronze, stainless steel, copper and aluminum

·         California, New York, Connecticut, Florida,  the Pacific Northwest, and anywhere you might be!



Dark bronze vanity frame.JPG